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Studia w Malmö University, Szwecja | Wydział Nauk Społecznych

Studia w Malmö University, Szwecja

Szanowni Studenci!
Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą Malmö University, dotyczącą  możliwości studiowania w Szwecji.
Education: Educational Theory
Two-year master’s programme
This master’s programme is for students who are in­terested in better understanding the role of education
in relation to the formation of individuals and society.The programme explores education through
historical and contemporary perspectives.
The programme aims to provide you with in-depth knowledgeof international educational theory as well as the opportunity to pursue a research career in the field.
The programme’s focus is to train your theoret­ical and analytical abilities. The coursework will help you to
better understand and critically reflect upon education, regardless of your future role within the education system.
During the programme, you will study:
·                    The intellectual history of education and different educational practices;
·                    The boundaries between education, formation, upbringing, and fostering;
·                    The relationship between education and politics; and research methodology.
Your future career
After graduating, you will be prepared for doctoral studies, leading to careers within education or research.
The degree will also qualify you for work in the education field,
for national and international as well as public and private organisations.
Degree: Master’s Degree in Education
Application for non-EU students: December 1- January 15
Application for national and EU students: March 15- April 15
Language: English
Read more:edu.mah.se/LAPET
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